About Us

For over 70 years Gadot Agro Ltd. has played a leading role in the supply of products and services to the Israeli agricultural sector and internationally. We are importers, distributors, developers, manufacturers, and exporters of crop protection products and biotechnology solutions, as well as specialized seeds for premium varieties, in partnership with global leaders.

Our proprietary line of products and methods for the treatment and care of cut flowers, from harvest to the home throughout the entire logistics chain, is at the forefront of technology in the cut flower market world-wide.

Today, our solid infrastructure and operational excellence bring to our clients the products they trust to help improve yields and quality of produce for orchards, citrus, vineyards, vegetables, field crops, and flowers.

We stay close to our customers every step of the way. As we are farmers at heart, we serve large and small growers, grower associations, municipalities, local governments, and research institutes, in the areas of farming, gardening, landscaping, and maintenance of roadside vegetation and other uncultivated areas.



Gadot Agro Ltd. was originally founded in 1950 under the name Milchen Brothers Ltd. In 2010 it was acquired by the Gadot Group, and operated under the name Merhav Agro Ltd. for many years. Today we are 100% owned by the Tene Investments Fund. Hard work and experience across the entire spectrum of activities related to agriculture, combined with innovative thinking shared with our customers, have always set us apart from our competition.

In recent years our portfolio has grown both organically and through the integration of Efal Agri, which brought a new range of crop protection products and solutions including our entry into the area of soil disinfestation, enabling us to serve a more diverse clientele at every stage of the growing season.

Our seeds business, always part of our tradition, was enriched by integrating Eden Seeds into our organization. Thanks to these state-of-the-art seeds from top global suppliers, we maintain a leading position in premium varieties of crops such as carrots, watermelon, corn, and potatoes. The team of seed experts who is now on board with us, works hand in hand with growers, enhancing their business, productivity, and profitability.

Continuous efforts to expand our knowledge base have made our relationships with global and local players stronger, enhancing our capabilities and the range of services we offer. Through years of cooperation with the Plant Protection and Inspection Services of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture, farmers, and growers, we have built trust and valuable relationships for the benefit of the agro industry and the consumer.

We believe in…

Sharing our knowledge and expertise, vital to our customers’ success

Keeping abreast of new technology and global developments for the benefit of growers

Ensuring growers use our products in an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly way

Investing in R&D for better products and new applications

Working with customers to develop, adapt, and register new products in local markets

Integrated Pest Management (IPM), it is our top priority and we strive to incorporate greener products into our line